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 Grind-Shop News: Cephalic Carnage, Misery Index, Coffins…

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MessageSujet: Grind-Shop News: Cephalic Carnage, Misery Index, Coffins…   Mar 7 Sep - 20:54

The following list are the last records we received for the distro, all articles are available on our grind-shop: http://www.bonesbrigaderecords.com
You can contact us to: bonesbrign@hotmail.fr for any questions, reservations, post cost…
Paypal accepted.

Reservation: 00 333 21 86 72 91

Compact Disc

CD AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED “Agorapocalypse” A real bomb’s explosion of Crazy Grindcore in your ugly face, A Must! Their best album so far! (US) 10€ / $12

CD ARCHAGATHUS “Atrocious Halitosis From Nauseated Disgorging” Mixture of Grind and Mincecore, 18 new Violent & Powerful Tracks! (Can) 10€ / $12

CD ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN “Grind the Enimal” Eco-Grind, Pure Grind-planet Protection-core, 1st Album here, no compromises! For fans of Nasum! (Ger) 10€ / $12

Digipack BOUND AND GAGGED “Refornicated” Moshing Groovy Brutal Death, re-issue, re-mixed, re-mastered, new design Limited Edition. (US) 10€ / $12

CD BRUTAL TRUTH “Evolution in one take: for Grindfreaks only! Vol. 2” The new album recorded in one take live in studio –mark-it-zero-, excellent idea and awesome result; Grind!! (US) 10€ / $12

CD CEPHALIC CARNAGE “Misled by Certainty” New Album, Grinding Death Madness pushing the limits to the extreme. (US) 10€ / $12

CD CRIMINAL ELEMENT “Crime and Punishment Pt.1” Fast and Vicious Death Brutal Death with ex-members of: Dying Fetis and Misery Index. Excellent New tracks. (US) 10€ / $12

CD DETERIOROT “The Faithless” 2nd & New Album nine years later…! Dark Death Metal, in the vein of Autopsy, Incantation etc… (US) 10€ / $12

CD DIMINISHED “Chainsaw Cunt” Guttural Brutal Death from Texas. 10€ / $12

CD DISFEAR “Misanthropic Generation” Back in stock, Swedish energic Fast Crustcore, 10€ / $12

CD DISHAMMER “Under the sign of the D-Beat Mark” Spanish band influenced by Discharge and Hellhammer’s second attack, A must for awesome new songs! 10€ / $12

CD DISRUPT “Unrest” Remastered, Repackaged, Classic and Cult Pure Crust-Grind. (US) 10€ / $12

Split CD DOT(.) / SU19B Raw Heavy Sludge Green Doom / Down Temp Grindcore Mixture, Pure Slow experience and new Material. (100% Jap) 10€ / $12

CD DYSMENORRHEIC HEMORRHAGE “A Tapeology of Grievous Traumas”
Absolute Gore Grind , very fast and without compromises! For fans of LDOH!! 79 songs complete discography from 2001 to 2003. (US) 10€ / $12

Double-CD EXIT 13 “High Life!” Rematered, Full Discography with Split7”, Cd etc… 46 songs of Stoned Death Grind, Feat. Members of Nuclear Assault, Brutal Truth… (US) 10€ / $12

CD EXTIRPATING THE INFECTED “Vaginal Saw Entorturement” Ultra Brutal Guttural Brutal Death (Spa) 10€ / $12

CD FISTULA “We, The Beast” Ltd Edition DVD Box to 500 copies, Heavy Sludge Old School Death Metal Style, A Must of Sick Atmosphere. (US) 10€ / $12

CD FLESH CONSUMED “Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate…” 1st Album Repress, Pure Crushing Brutal death!! (US) 10€ / $12

CD GAF “Cultivate Disdain” New album, New Musical Direction, More into the Grindcore vein a la Nasum , no more Gore voice etc…still fast and violent! (Fin) 10€ / $12

Split CD GUT / SATAN’S REVENGE ON MANKIND “The Green Slime are coming!”
7 new songs for Gut + 8 track from sold out 7”EP / Groovy Gore Grind 100% New Song (100% Ger) 10€ / $12

Digipack GUTTURAL ENGORGEMENT “The Slow Decay of Infested Flesh” Back in stock, limited Digipack Edition. + Bonus live Tracks. Groovy Brutal Death. (US) 10€ / $12

CD HAEMORRHAGE “Apology for Pathology” Back in stock , 2005. (Spa) 10€ / $12

CD DigiSleeve HAND OF FATIMA “Obake” Melodic Doom Sludge from Spain 10€ / $12

CD HUMAN FILLETED “Blunt Force Embludgeonment” Crushing Guttural Brutal Death!! (US) 10€ / $12

CD HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH “Show us the meaning of haste” Fastcore Thrash, can’t miss this piece of energy and pure Thrashing violence! (US) 10€ / $12

Split CD IN-DISGUST / P.L.F. A Must of Pure Grindcore Violence!! Both Bands fucking Rules!!! New songs of Grind-Energy and Blasting Aggression!! (100% US) 10€ / $12

CD INHUME “Moulding the Deformed” New Album, Back in stock, Total Brutal Death Grind Madness. (Nl) 10€ / $12

CD KILLING ADDICTION “Fall of the Archetypes” New Album, Back with an album of Pure Death Metal! (US) 10€ / $12

CD LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER “Extincion” A Must in your Grindcore collection, Spanish anger for a very fast 19 songs album! 10€ / $12

CD LYCANTHROPHY “Collection 1998-2009” A must of Fastcore Powerviolence Grind, 68 songs of pure pleasure, female vocal, ultra fast songs, A MUST!! (Cz) 10€ / $12

Digipack MACHETAZO “Necrocovered” New effort, 100% cover songs of Carnivore, Master, Corrupted, Kreator, Darkthrone, etc… Feat. special guest each songs; Chris Reifert (Death) , Johan Wallin (General Surgery) etc… An Other great piece for your collection!! (Spa) 10€ / $12

CD MISERY INDEX “Heirs to Thievery” New Album, Ferocious Death Grind’s best effort so far. (US) 10€ / $12

CD MOLOCH “s/t” Awesome new Sludge band, for fans of Eyehategod & Iron Monkey. (U.K) 10€ / $12

Digipack MUCUPURULENT “Monsters of carnage” Mid-temp, Groovy Gore Grind, back after 4 years & with a new great album! (Ger) 10€ / $12

Split CD NEUROPATHIA / EPICRISE Polish Grind’n’Roll and Ukrenian Grindcore Fury!! 100% New Songs!! 7€ / $10

Split CD NEUROPATHIA / PUTRESCENCE New Grindcore songs for both bands + Nasum, Napalm Death, Terrorizer cover. (Pol / Can)

CD P.L.F. “Crushing Fury of Bastardization” Back in stock, Thrashing Texan Grindcore Fury. (US) 10€ / $12

CD REMNANTS OF FLESH “Degenerated Human Cells” Technical Brutal Death, Amazing Riffs Violence. (Gre) 10€ / $12

CD SAYYADINA “The Great Northern Revisited” Pure Fast Screaming Grind, all songs from Out of Print material: 7”, Split 7”, Compilation, 30 Tracks!! For fans of Nasum and Rotten Sound. (Swe) 10€ / $12

MCD SKINNED “Contortion of Reality” New Tracks, Brutal Death with Powerful Killer parts. (US) 7€ / $10

Split CD SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENTS / OBSCURE OATH new songs for those both German bands, Mega Fast Chaotic Grindcore /Gory Ultra fast Grindcore 10€ / $12

MCD VOMITOUS “Surgical Abominations of Disfigurement” New Tracks! Killer Devastating Slams Groovy Brutal Death!! (Swe) 7€ / $10

CD VULVECTOMY “Post-Abortion Slut Fuck” 8 Tracks from 2009, if you are into Devourment, Cephalotripsy; it’s for you!! (Ita) 10€ / $12

CD WACO JESUS “Sex Drugs and Deathmetal” New Album, full of Blastbeats and violent Brutal Death Riffs. (US) 10€ / $12

CD WEEKEND NACHOS “Unforgivable” New Album, Fastcore right in your face! (US) 10€ / $12

12” LP & 10”

Split LP COFFINS / OTESANEK Doom Death / Drone Doom Metal. Blue Clear Vinyl. (Jap/US) 12€ / $15

Split LP COFFINS / STORMCROW Doom Death / Creepy Doom Death Crust (Jap/US) 12€ / $15

LP M:40 “Historiens Svarta Vingslag” Powerful Fast Crustcore. (Swe) 10€ / $12

LP PHOBIA “Grind Your Fucking Head” Killer Hateful Grind, one their best release! (US) 10€ / $12

LP PHOBIA “Serenity Through Pain” Album 2001, back in stock, Classic Grind! (US) 10€ / $12

LP ROT “A Long Cold Stare” Brazilian Crust Grind stars!! Anger and powerful! 10€ / $12

LP SQUASH BOWELS “Grind Virus” Fast Mega sound Grindcore, very good new album, (Pol) 10€ / $12

Split LP YEARS OF DECAY / SANDCREEKMASSACRE Crust-core from France Female Powerful lead vocal / Dutch Crust. 10€ / $12

LP YOB “Catharsis” First Yob Vinyl ever! Classic Doom, Killer sound! (US) 12€ / $15

EP – 7”

Split EP ALDEBARAN / ZOROASTER Both bands from U.S. and play killer Dark Doom! 5€ / $6.50

Powerviolence Grind’s band Split from Both U.S. Zine: Interview with P.L.F, Hummingbird of Death, Damage Digital + tons of reviews etc… 6€ / $7.50

EP CHAROGNE STONE “Mr et Mme Stone ont une Fille…” Limited to 300 copies. French Hardcore / Punk, clear Vinyl. 4€ / $5

Split EP CONGA FURY SPEED TEAM / SHITSTORM Hardcore fury Violence / Blasting Grind-violence (Jap/US) 4€ / $5

Split EP CUT YOUR THROAT / GRIND CRUSHER Death Grind Sonic Torment / Fast Death Gory Grind. Limited Hand Numbered to 510 copies on White Vinyl with Green spekles (Gre/Nor) 4€ / $5

EP GET DESTROYED “Burnt Offerings” Crushing Powerviolence!!! (US) 4€ / $5

Grindcore Violence from US / Gory Ultra Fast Grind from Japan / Zine: Interview of Sayyadina, Violent Headache + many more to read! 6€ / $7.50

Split EP INTESTINAL DISGORGE / LINCOLN LOVE LOG Pervert Gore Grind / Gore Grind for BBQ time! Brown Vinyl. (100% US) 4€ / $5

EP M:40 “Industrilandskap” Tracks from 2008, Huge sound, Fast Grind/Crust, very powerful between Disrupt and Disfear. Clear vinyl. (Swe) 4€ / $5

Split EP M:40 / SANDCREEKMASSACRE Swedish Powerful Crust-Grind / Dutch Crustcore 4€ / $5

EP THE AFTERNOON GENTLEMEN “Pissed Again” Ultra Fast Powerful Fastcore Violence!!!! A MUST!!! (Uk) 4€ / $5

EP VILE INTENT “Shadow of the Skull” Powerviolence / Sludge for fans of the Endless Blockade & Iron Lung, very good. (Can) 4€ / $5

EP WHORESNATION “World Wide Whore” Sonic Grind Violence Aggression! Green Vinyl. (Fra) 4€ / $5
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Grind-Shop News: Cephalic Carnage, Misery Index, Coffins…
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